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The mission of the Department of Primary Education is the promotion of scientific research and knowledge in the field of Educational Sciences, and at the same time the academic and vocational training of future primary school teachers.
Graduates of the Department of Primary Education can find employment:
• As primary school teachers
• As representatives of the fields of Educational Sciences at bodies and institutions that deal with the subjects of the said fields.
Teachers that have received further training in Special Education may teach at Special Education School Units.

Goals of the Department
The goals that are set by the Studies Guide of the Department of Primary Education are achieved through three interrelated study cycles, always having the dynamic link between pedagogic theory and educational practice as their basis. These three study cycles, correspond to the three aspects of the teacher's dynamic role. More specifically:
1) The first cycle refers to the general pedagogic knowledge that every student of the Department of Primary Education must gain by studying the wider field of Educational Sciences.
2) The second cycle refers to the student's training in Didactics (General and Special).
3) The third cycle refers to specialisation, i.e. students' training in two subject areas, whereas it also includes five more courses that belong to various other subject areas.