Teaching & Research Staff

Brouzos Andreas
Field: Education with emphasis in Vocational and Educational Counselling
Tel.: 00302651005695
e-mail: abrouzos@uoi.gr
Kapsalis Georgios
Tel.: 00302651005690
e-mail: gkapsali@uoi.gr
Kotsis Konstantinos
Field: Physics and Didactics of Physics
Tel.: 00302651005785
e-mail: kkotsis@uoi.gr
Mikropoulos Anastasios
Field: ICT & VR in Education
Tel.: 00302651005697
e-mail: amikrop@uoi.gr


Emvalotis Anastasios
Associate Professor
Field: Educational Research
Tel.: 00302651005687
e-mail: aemvalot@uoi.gr
Leontopoulou Sophia
Associate Professor
Field: General Psychology
Tel.: 00302651005899
e-mail: sleon@uoi.gr


Misailidi Plousia
Associate Professor
Field: Psychology – Developmental Psychology
Tel.: 00302651005662
e-mail: pmisaili@uoi.gr
Nikolaou Sousanna Maria
Associate Professor
Field: Sociology of Education
Tel.: 00302651005875
e-mail: snikola@uoi.gr
Papadopoulou Smaragda
Associate Professor
Tel.: 00302651005730
e-mail: smpapado@uoi.gr
Pournari Maria
Associate Professor
Field: Epistemology
Tel.: 00302651005668
e-mail: mpurnari@uoi.gr
Soulis Spiros
Associate Professor
Field: Special Education
Tel.: 00302651005664
e-mail: ssoulis@uoi.gr
Apostolidou Eleni
Assistant Professor
Field: History Didactics
Tel.: 00302651005691 & 2651002624
e-mail: elaposto@uoi.gr


Gavrilakis Costas
Assistant Professor
Field: Environment – Environmental Education
Tel.: 00302651005709
e-mail: cgav@uoi.gr
Liakopoulou Maria
Assistant Professor
Field: School Pedagogy
Tel.: 00302651005896
e-mail: liakopouloum@uoi.grmaria@liakopoulou.gr
Mavridis Dimitrios
Assistant Professor
Field: Statistics in Education and the Social Sciences
Tel.: 00302651005694
e-mail: dmavridi@uoi.gr
Morfidi Eleni
Assistant Professor
Field: Special Education of Speech and Language Difficulties
Tel.: 00302651005888
e-mail: emorfidi@uoi.gr
Tatsis Konstantinos
Assistant Professor
Field: Mathematics and Mathematics Education
Tel.: 00302651005870
e-mail: ktatsis@uoi.gr