The significant progress and the changes that have been made during the 21st century delineate a society which is very different from the one that we know up to now.

Education which is a supreme good and the foundation of every social change, should correspond to the newly formed conditions and fulfil the requirements of our times. Thus, there is a constant need of continuous change in all levels of education and a need of adjustment to new situations.

The teacher is the first to respond to new challenges and for this reason their educational background as well as their in-service training and further education are essential. Under these circumstances and because of the fact that new scientific, socio-economic and technological models emerge, the education which is provided by the School of Education and its Department of Primary Education, has to be revised even improved.

The above concerns led us to the creation of the Department’s curriculum. Taking into consideration that the teacher has to develop on a theoretical as well as on a practical level, the Department offers a curriculum which we think it meets the current and future needs of a modern and demanding educational system on a scientific and professional level. The above view is reflected in the current curriculum, which renders the identity of the Department of Primary Education and shows its “philosophy”. The curriculum involves the structure of the Department, its academic and educational organization, as well as the regulations and laws. Moreover, it is structured in such a way that it meets the needs of students’ updating in matters related to their studies.