Laboratory of Foreign Languages

Foreign Language Teaching ( English, French, German) in the Department of Primary Education serves special academic and scientific purposes which are related to the fields of study of the Department. The Laboratory of Foreign Languages meets the educational and research needs of the students on undergraduate and postgraduate level in the following sectors:

Study of language ( grammatical and syntactical) structures.
Teaching of current academic terminology that promotes the understanding of scientific texts related to the Education Sciences.
Emphasis on the use of specialized vocabulary in written and oral form.
Teaching of strategies and methods that will allow students to comprehend and translate specialized texts and enable them to produce texts of their domain.
Students have the opportunity to attend preliminary courses in the language of their choice beginning from the first year of their studies – beginner and intermediate level in French and German, and upper-intermediate level in English – before the main course.

Development of skills like browsing foreign language websites of special scientific interest, writing assignments and participating in foreign language scientific programs like Erasmus.
Organization of lectures related to the teaching of foreign languages in the Department of Education.
Our policy is to stress the importance of foreign language knowledge for the development of students’ careers as teachers-to-be in Greece and abroad.

The Laboratory of Foreign Languages is on the 2nd floor in the premises of the Department of Primary Education. Undergraduate students can select one of the three languages – English, French, German – which are taught by the Senior Teaching Fellows of the Department of Primary Education.


                                                   The Senior Teaching Fellows

                                                         Anastasia Kostoula

                                                         Aglaia  Siouti

                                                         Maria Fehring