Music Laboratory

Head of laboratory:

Dr. Eirini Nikolaou, Musicologist

Special Teaching Staff

Tel: 003026510 05873

Office: floor 3


Purpose and objectives

The courses of Music Education Laboratory concern music and its relationship with pedagogy. The following courses are offered:

· Musical education

· Music education in a cross-curricular context

· The song as a form of expression and creation

· Music theory and practice

· Choir


The purpose of the courses is to understand the historical development of music education, to get to know the music education systems, to acquire musical skills, to get in touch with the principles and purposes of art education, to develop reflections and thoughts regarding the role of music in a cross-curricular context. The courses include lectures and workshops.

The Choir of the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education was founded in 2003. Students from all Departments of the University of Ioannina participate in the Choir.

The Music Laboratory make collaborations with schools and cultural institutions aiming at the practice of pre-service students, the acquisition of experience in music teaching, the gaining of experience in organizing events, the cooperation with educational and cultural institutions.

The lessons are held in the Music Laboratory on the 2nd floor of the PTDE.


Activities of Music Laboratory

Activities of Choir 

Participation in Choir