Music Laboratory

Special Teaching Staff: Dr. Eirini Nikolaou, Musicologist

Tel: 003026510 05873

Office: floor 3


The field of Music Laboratory is Music and its relationship with Pedagogy. In Music Laboratory there are two main courses. 1. Music education (2nd semester, 3 ects) 2. Singing as a form of expression and creativity (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th semesters, 3 ects).

The aim of the course is the knowledge of the historical development of music education, the acquisition of musical skills, the contact with the principles and purposes of art through music, the development of reflections and thoughts on the role of music in teaching, creative expression , music and motion, singing, active listening, sound stories, dramatizations, through presentations and workshops

In the Music Laboratory belongs The Choir of the Department of Primary Education the Choir was founded in 2003. Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of the University of Ioannina participate in the Choir. Its active members are thirty.

The Music Laboratory also includes the course of “Instrument learning”.  In that course students can learn a musical instrument at a basic level.

Students who wish to participate can apply to Dr. Eirini Nikolaou, conductor of the choir, e-mail:

The Music Laboratory make collaborations with schools of primary education, aiming at the practice of students, the acquisition of experience in music teaching, the gaining of experience in organizing events, the  cooperation with educational and cultural institutions.



Activities of Music Laboratory

Activities of Choir 

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